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Connections exist in many forms and proportions. 

For example in human relationships or the connection
between mankind and the outside world. But also in (art) objects that form, a new construction or pattern by using impressive combinations of material. To connect is also the aim of our Design & ARTemis platform. In very creative ways we bind and show connections, with our art and design hotel
as an interactive stage. 


The Dutch Designer speaks...
“I see things that can be connected in a beautiful way to create a new, surprising combination with a story”. 

The Dutch artist or designer sees the world and its elements from a different perspective, and likes to make new connections that bring out the most surprising designs with an underlying idea. Dutch Design only became known at the end of the eighties, but was immediately put firmly on the map. Very quickly various Dutch designers gained international
recognition. Partly thanks to the original concept-thinking, and the use and combination of high-profile materials.

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