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This summer 11 designers and artists are participating
in an exposition called ‘3D’ in Dutch Design Hotel
Artemis. The exhibition shows a variety of 3D printed
artwork and striking spatial product designs.

3D printing itself is not that new anymore, but still
for many people very special. There are constantly
developments in the world of 3D printing. Think of
printing with other materials, faster and cheaper 3D
printing, printing of ingenious designs and developing
larger objects, but also taking away a logistics industry.


A sneak preview: Sjors Bergmans shows you the very
first wearable shoe, ever made with a 3D printer.
He developed this together with TNO (Netherlands
Organization for Applied Scientific Research). The
latest technique is shown by Jannie Schmitz and
Daan de Haan. In a partnership with Océ Canon they
developed special 2.5D artworks that are printed with
an innovative technique.


The exhibition ‘3D’ can be visited free of charge daily
from 6 June till 7 September 2014 in Dutch Design
Hotel Artemis, John M. Keynesplein 2 in Amsterdam.
Special '3-dimensional’ Food & Drink Design can be
ordered in restaurant-bar 'De Stijl'.

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