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Frida Badoux

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Frida Badoux

Frida Badoux settled down in Amsterdam in 1968. In the seventies she participated in the avant-garde scene which prescribed Amsterdam fashion at that time. She designed sophisticated trendy clothes for the in crowd. 


After that period she worked in Barcelona for some years and managed to turn her ideas on street fashion into a success formula by starting and running several shops.

Back in Amsterdam, jewellery became her big passion and there were exhibitions of her work in various galleries.

The last 20 years she travelled around the world for Fair Trade Original to instruct producers in Third World Countries about how to make their handicraft suitable for the European market. From now on she is chairman of a small museum in Amsterdam and makes small objects, which are for sale in dozens of galleries in the Netherlands and Belgium."           


To give excisting objects a new shape and contents zo they can tell a new and intriguing context they each tell a fascinating story.


The series you see here are “Objets Trouvés” by Frida Badoux. It is a collection of melancholy assemblages composed of second-hand and found objects, the driftwood of mass culture. A recurring theme here is that of the porcelain doll heads. Placed in a new, intriguing environment, they each tell a fascinating story


Reboot is the theme of the exhibition and re-boot means a new beginning for me. In my work I also give objects a new beginning because I reuse them in a new, different context       


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