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Fleurien Dingemans

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Fleurien Dingemans

Fleurien Dingemans (1973) main source of inspiration is a distant past that’s connected with her forefathers. Having made a name for themselves as floral still life painters, her ancestors gave her insight into the symbolism, versatility, and power of flowers. Flowers have been a recurring theme in her work since she started as an artist. It’s part of her DNA, the language she uses. She uses the organic structures and forms of flowers, blending it with the rough, dark and intuitive language of the street: graffiti.


My works are constructed from many layers, diverse materials and organized forms. It's an artistic quest about the power of vulnerability. The relationship between culture, man and nature is thus the central theme.


“Flowers are my creative language,       

they let me celebrate the light  

and embrace the darkness.       

Inspired by the talking city walls,             

where “the spray can is mightier than the sword”,         

I create large canvases with raw graffiti,              

black ink and colorful pastel.     

It's my dance with life” 


What characterizes me as a person is the desire for development and growth.  That means in my work that I continuously experiment with new materials and techniques.  For example, I am now working on a classical weaving training, not so much to start weaving but to challenge my brain and force new directions.



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