Fenna van der Vliet

01 About me

Dutch, Rotterdam based, artist Fenna van der Vliet (1982) began composing images in 2002 un-der the pseudonym F.E.N. (Forward Evolution Now)Educated at the Artemis Styling Academy in Am-sterdam, her conceptual thinking was formed to melting visual compositions from separate ima-ges, inspired by fashion, design, architecture, travelling, theatre, etc.


In her 2006 project F.E.N. created, with several techniques, a concept virtual reality gameworld consisting of different layers. A broad considered brand new approach to existing collages is born;New Media Art. Being a trained photograp-her from 2007 she works with only the best images in lighting that covers the subject that she's ad-dressing in her story.

In 2015 she started to create Mixed Media art-works and has had exhibitions all across Eu-rope.Now she also startedto put her digital artworks on the blockchain as up and coming NFTand runs her own auctions on FenNFT.com.She is the founder of the Art Movement:'Percepti-onism'.The community of this movement is rapidly gro-wingglobally.If you want to know more, feel free to contact her, she is always in for a chat!

02 Project Process

" My Motto? Everything is perception"

Psst, did you know that there is a recurring item that you can search for in her work? A bold red mustang cruises though her work and travels from scene to scene. You think it's that one? Nope, guess again. Take your time and lose yourself in these beautiful art pieces.

Forest Fade

03 Relationship to the Expo

Everything is perception; it’s how you look at it or how you experience it, is what makes you receive it, creates the contraditictions in my work and are combined in a way that they are pulled out of the role of “assumption”. The fusions of subjects and colors in my work creates an overwehlming feeling, something that also occursin a euphoria.