Erin Dekker

Multimedia artist

Erin Dekker is a multimedia artist and works with installations, performances and interventions. In 2020 she finished a bachelors at HKU Fine Art.

Often, she works site specific. She will visit a building or a space and make something uniquely for that place. For example, this work she made especially for a hotel in pandemic times. She wondered ‘Is it still a hotel if there are no guests?Isn’t it now just a building? Is the nature in and around the hotel also missing the usual inhabitants?’


Erin is a director in her work. She often works together with other people. For this project she gathered a number of people all speaking different languages. Abdul (Arabic), Zach (English), Bin (Korean), Louis (Japanese and Swedish), Roberto and Victoria (Spanish). Together they translated a series of short poems she wrote. (the building, the water, the sand and the plants) They also lent their voices.

The poems are scattered through the exhibition space. Find a QR code and scan it with your phone. A written version is found in book form.

Click on one of the images to listen to the poem. 

Erin - we asked the water



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