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Background Colorful dreams

Welcome to the enchanting world of "Colorful Dreams"! This extraordinary exhibition takes you on a journey through the realm of dreams, imagination, and creativity. In the lobby, the exquisite oil paintings by Ad van de Boom await you. His "dreamscapes" bring landscapes from his memories to life, with each painting adorned with an inspirational quote or a profound wish. 


For those who appreciate experimental art, the artist duo "Cutting the Cake" has created works specifically for "Colorful Dreams" that tantalize the senses. Their multidisciplinary approach results in artworks that take you on a colorful journey through the world of dreams. The dreamcatcher, a series of five photos, even shines on the exhibition poster. 

Marieke Jansen shares her dream of sustainability with the world through her unique armchair design with the name BEHH (Ida chairs). Here, wool takes center stage instead of traditional foam rubber. It invites visitors to lounge, hang out, and daydream while enjoying all the artistic creation.

Bianca Pauline uses herself as a living art object, bringing "Colorful Dreams" to life with her vibrant dream world. Her art stimulates the senses and encourages reflection on the beauty of diversity. 

Jolein Roesthuis, with her unique bag named "Hug," aims to make a positive impact in the fashion industry by giving used materials a second life. Her creation emphasizes the importance of cherishing and embracing what already exists in a world often prone to waste. 

We also have the honor of presenting the graduation work of two talented recent graduates from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. Their photos take you into a world of dreams and imagination, and André Roosendahl even created a fascinating book that unfolds entirely to reveal the depths of dreams. The Jessica Geluk, who captures the mysterious landscapes of the soul. Her art explores the delicate balance between strength and vulnerability, and her works evoke a sense of mystique. 


In our lounge, you'll experience the work "Panta Rhei / Stream of Imagination" by Noëlle van der Hagen. This enchanting work invites viewers on a journey through the streams of dreams and the subconscious, where beams of light form into liquid rivers of thoughts. It's a moment of tranquility and reflection in the tumultuous world of imagination. 

Let yourself be captivated by the "Colorful Dreams" exhibition and be transported to a world where dreams come to life. 


Bianca Pauline

Every picture has its own story to tell. Bianca Pauline stars in her own pictures. Personal and ready to spark your curiosity. 


Behh | Marieke Jansen

Comfortable with a capital "C".  Marieke designed a relaxing chair with mother nature in mind. Sustainable and still a timeless design for every interior. 



Hug | #hug in my bag

Personal and functional with a creative design. Their mission goes further than just designing a bag. Making the world a little bit better, bag by bag. Follow their story and check how a bag can change the world. 


Ad van den Boom

Visions turned into visuals. Ad takes you on a journey through his thoughts and mind maps. Creating every piece with its unique mindset. Find out more about this journeys. 



Cutting the Cake |
Jolanda de Meester & 
Karen Steenwinkel

These two ladies dare you to open up to dream away and see the world and its natural influences. Your dreams can influence you, but will they change you? 
Let them take you on a trip down your dreams. 


André Roosendahl

Dreams are part of our reality. Creating a memorie that reflexes those dreams. The talented André visualises those dreams to capture them with his camera.  Find out more about the dreams that he displays in his work. 



Jessica Geluk

Turning natural phenomenon into visual beauties. Show what is hidden and let it tell their story. 

Find out more about these stories and about Jessica. 


Noëlle van der Hagen

A beautiful combination of light, fabrics and color. Like dreams floating into the air. With every stoke of light that hits the fabric you will encounter a new chapter of experience. 

Noëlle van der Hagen
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