Carmen Hoxe

Interior and Product Designer

I like to have dreams. As a designer I always focus very much on the detail of a design. Something you would miss if it is not there, but it doesn’t stand out.

Love for the basis is a project that is about a search for what is (for me) the base.

"What is your base"?

Earth is different everywhere. Grains of sand do not tell where they come from. If I didn't tell you, you wouldn't know that the soil I used came from Staphorst. I also experience this when I say that I am from there. "Oh, but you can't tell at all," they respond. As if the environment should be able to immediately see where you come from.


These bulbs of feeling are made with porcelain as a base. With added sand from my native soil. I have processed it in different ways and with a lot of attention. The best way to experience the effect of the sand is through light. Light is pure and connects the craft.




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