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Bastiaan Luijk | Studio BL

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Bastiaan Luijk
Studio BL

STUDIO BL is founded by Bastiaan Luijk in 2019 and located in Leiden, The Netherlands. Our passion for algorithmic design and 3D printing is the result of the freedom to express new ideas and concepts in an intuitive and sustainable way. We create designs directly in the studio with locally available recycled and renewable materials. Functional, playful, and captivating designs are produced to order in a wide range of colors and materials. Collaboration? Question? Drop a line at


STUDIO BL - Bastiaan Luijk creates authentic lamp concepts with a positive impact for people and the planet. Nature-inspired designs, 3D printed with recycled or plant-based materials.


 All designs are available to order through Dutch Design Hotel Artemis. Choose the model, size and color (see folder). These lamp concepts are also possible in specific RAL color codes. Ask for availability and price.


Sunflowers show the fascinating beauty of the spiral phyllotaxis pattern: Fibonacci sequences, symmetry and golden ratios are the building blocks for lamp designs and concepts.


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