01 About me

Ank is a freelance artist from the South of the Netherlands. As a child, Ank painted entire scenes on her bedroom wallpaper. Her parents have always supported her in her love for drawing and painting. And they let her be the creative soul that she is. Nowadays Ank mixes her creative brain with motherhood and her background as an educationist. During office hours she exchanges her brushes for a pen and works for the government.

02 Project process

In her studio you can hear the tunes of Gregory Porter, Norah Jones and the Teskey Brothers. With this mesmerizing music playing in the background, she is partly inspired by her love for astrology, mother earth, female empowerment and deep colors. She makes mystical, powerful and dreamy works ,in which one can find comfort, peace and strenght.


03 Relationship to the Expo

I create the galaxy. What's your superpower?
These series of works reflect my fascinatie for the unknown, the mystery of life and the galaxy with it's enormous force. It brings me comfort and strength to know that there is so much more out there then just us, the tiny human. The contrast in the deep colouring in my works are my interpretation of the galaxy, which POWS of the canvas. The colours itself allmost express euphorism. The euphoric feeling of knowing there is so much more than us. All the negative thoughts fade away, just thinking about that.