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Expo Aarde |  8 April - October 2021

Earth, our planet a great and special phenomenon. With the word ‘earth’ we think first of the planet on which we live, our landscapes, earth that we use to repot our plants. Earth is an element that is widely understood and stands for a lot . Earth is solid, strong and reliable but also rigid, passive and unseen to form. Earth takes you to the bottom, to the base within yourself. Whether or not to experience stability, grounding, basics. The question of what it takes to experience and strengthen that basis. Earth provides structures and is about the physical such as physi- cal health, gratitude and surrender. Among man there is also Earth, it is a trait grounded, which defines a person as harmonious, calm and patient, reliable, loving safety and security. They are responsible but also predictable. In addition, they are very serious and sober. Love the practical, like to have everything concrete and tangible. They are often hard workers with a lot of con- centration and endurance. Being grounded is a form of con- necting with the concrete things you are doing. Mindfulness is based on this; walking, feeling, tasting, touch- ing, smelling, hearing.

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